International orders

Timex are pleased to be able to offer international delivery to 29 countries.

  • Free international shipping
  • Guaranteed landed costs (no additional charges at delivery)
  • All duties and taxes are included
  • Easy returns

International Frequently asked questions

What additional international destinations do you currently ship to? provides a service that allows shipment to 29 international countries. For the list of available destinations, please refer to the shipping table below.

How do I place an order?

To ship items internationally, simply look for the flag at the bottom left-hand corner of the site and click "Change" to switch countries.

For Canadian orders please visit, UK orders please visit and EU orders please visit

What are my payment options?

All major credit cards and other, available payment options will be presented at checkout.

What are my shipping options?

We are excited to offer FREE shipping to international destinations listed below. For information on delivery times, please refer to the table below. Pricing will be provided at checkout.

For the full shipping informaton click here.

(Business Days)
Argentina 9-13 days
Australia 4-9 days
Bolivia 4-10 days
Chile 3-9 days
China 4-10 days
Colombia 3-9 days
Costa Rica 3-9 days
Ecuador 4-9 days
Guatemala 4-9 days
Hong Kong 3-9 days
Iceland 3-9 days
Israel 6-20 days
Malaysia 6-20 days
Mexico 6-10 days
New Zealand 4-9 days
Nicaragua 3-9 days
Panama 3-9 days
Paraguay 4-10 days
Peru 3-9 days
Republic of Korea 3-9 days
Singapore 10-16 days
South Africa 3-9 days
Switzerland 10-16 days
Taiwan 10-16days
Thailand 16-20 days
Turkey 4-10 days
Uruguay 4-10 days
Vietnam 16-20 days

What is the exchange rate applied?

When purchasing in a currency other than USD, the conversion is performed by our partner Flow Commerce, Inc. and includes a conversion fee, which covers processing and guarantees the exchange rate at the time of check out. We recommend paying for your order in the currency in which your payment method was issued. While you have the choice to pay in a different currency, doing so may cause your bank to charge an additional fee to convert that currency back to your home currency.

Are there any additional costs that will be due upon receipt of my order?

No. Import duties & taxes are collected and paid upon checkout. When you check out you will be provided with a guaranteed order total in your local currency including duty and TAX. There will never be any additional costs billed upon delivery.

What will the duties and taxes on my order be?

Import duties & taxes are calculated by our partner Flow Commerce, Inc. Import duties & taxes are collected and paid upon checkout. Duty (or customs tariffs) is set by the destination country customs authorities and is determined based on a combination of the country of origin or manufacturing of the goods being purchased and the classification of that merchandise. Value Added Tax (VAT) rates are set by the destination country. You will be able to view the guaranteed total amount of applicable duty and taxes/VAT for your order at checkout.

How can I get in touch with customer service?

Our team is here to help. Email us at

When am I billed?

The order will be billed at the time of your order submission. Your credit card will be billed by our partner Flow Commerce, Inc. it will show as Flow*Timex on the statement.

How can I return an International Order?

We are sorry you didn’t love your Timex. You will need to email our Customer Service team at to initiate the return within 30 days of purchase. More information on our International Returns Policy can be found here.